twitter art installation #matterspirit : tech notes

2 interactive art installations / exhibits are in place for the opening of the Matter & Spirit: Art & Belief in the Digital Age art show. The show opens tonight, February 1st, at Biola Library 7:00pm. 1 is a digital prayer wall – The other is a twitter-powered art piece.

The big digital art installation is a moderated twitter display called #matterspirit. The visual image below will be projected onto a wall and on display during the opening reception. (If we could acquire the use of a projector for the entire duration of the show, which runs thru mid-June, the twitter tweets would be projected for 4 months instead of 1 evening.)

Here’s the tech notes on how to project a moderated twitter feed for a live event ::

  • Moderation: We’re using to moderate and selectively approve tweets with the hashtag #matterspirit. Since we’re at a Christian college, unmoderated tweets wouldn’t be kosher.
  • Displayer web app: The tweets are displayed using using the “letter by letter” animation.
  • LCD Projector: Epson EX71 Multimedia Projector. This projector is lightweight and versatile. I think it’s a way better way to go than an HDTV – get a bigger image and portability, and not be stuck to one place on a wall.
  • Computer. A standard-issue desktop computer, one of the stations at the library, connected to the internet, is connected to the VGA port on the projector. Open a web browser to and go full screen. Voila.


3 responses to “twitter art installation #matterspirit : tech notes”

  1. Awesome, i did a live tweet wall for one of my events in a night club – if i recall correctly we used paratweet which looked slick and had great moderation options. What I was really hunting for, and i’m not sure if you found anything was something for non-smartphone users. a system that would allow people to shortcode/text in, include a hashtag and autotweet it to a general account.

    That would be cool and so much more accessible for the general crowd.

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