How to show Instagram photos on screen for events

Whether on a second screen like a slide show or projected on a big screen for adding an interactive element to your event, the photo-sharing phenomena of Instagram can be much bigger than the tiny screen of a mobile smartphone. Here’s the web apps (aka websites) that can show photos from Instagram, in an auto-advanced slide-show fashion:

  • – “an interactive installation fed by Instagram and Twitter. It’s hashtag based, moderated and updated by users in real time.” [$$]
  • – “a real-time social media feed perfectly formatted for your screen” for Instagram photos and Twitter updates (tweets) with #hashtag [free + paid]
  • – “Display and Embed any Social Feeds on your website” [$$$]
  • – the real-time Instagram photo slider [$] (a limited free version available)
  • – live Instagram wall for events [free + paid]
  • – Bring your audience’s social media conversations and images into one place [$$]
  • – Collect, broadcast and print your event’s tweets, photos & videos [$$]
  • – enhance your event with a live slideshow [free + paid]
  • – A powerful social media aggregator to curate and display the social media content [$$]

NOTE: Since January 2, 2016, Instagram enforced an approval process for applications, and that broke some of the services above; then in late 2018, the deprecation of Instagram API Platform.


cf. on Quora – How do I stream Instagram photos on my tv/monitor/larger screen as a running feed? Does this work for geo-tagging and hashtag streaming as well?

Also see for links to great instagram web apps

Know any others? I’d love to be able to display my Instagram home feed in an auto-scrolling fashion on a second screen…

dead instagram app links

  • – “This is Now project is a visual composition which uses real-time updates from the ever popular Instagram application based on users geo-tag locations. 
  • – Create Social Walls out of attendee generated content
  • was formerly
  • Screenstagram is a screensaver for your Mac with photos from Instagram
  • for live wall
  • for live photo feed to display guests’ wedding party pictures
  • – show instagram photos with a #hashtag in real-time like a slideshow
  • – display live Instagram slideshows for events onto a large screen [free + paid; formerly] – now a product of
  • – Instagram Slideshows for Your Parties & Events [$$]
  • – displays new images and videos as they are posted on Twitter