Top 10 of some creative church names

There are so many other ways to name a church than to use a generic Anytown Church, Christian Fellowship, or First Congregational Church. And I don’t mean the cool and/or hipster way. There are some unique church names that might raise an eyebrow or garner the attention of a second glance. For example, who says there’s no perfect church because there’s no perfect people? There is! Here’s some of the top ones I’ve found, listed in no particular order:

  • Scum of the Earth
  • LCBC (Lives Changed By Christ)
  • .the point (What’s .the point?)
  • Mega Church
  • Skull Church
  • Existence Church
  • The Happy Church
  • Church in the Now
  • The Gypsy Church
  • The Perfect Church
  • bonus: This Church
  • bonus: Jesus Church
  • bonus: Church That Matters

cf. some other lists – Humorous Church Names (, comments @ Fellowship Church Names12 Bizarre Church NamesA Church by Any Other Name: 129 cool new church names @ Out of UrChurches get creative with their names (Winnipeg Free Press 5/1/2010)

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