How to Restore from Free WordPress Backup Plugins

Sure it’s important to have backups of your WordPress websites and blogs, but it’s just as important to be able to restore those backups. After all, what good are the backups if you can’t restore them?

It seems many of the popular backup plugins will do the backup for free but make you pay for the restore, or a more convenient restore. Sure, that’s okay, a convenience fee for one-click restore. And, that’s okay if you know that’s what you’re getting in the first place; but with some backup programs, it’s not clear up front that doing any restoring requires paying.

Now, there are more non-techies than techies, so in conclusion, it may well be worth just paying for the restore function, because there’s no way getting around the technical steps involved in doing a manual restore. But for the tech adventurous, here’s useful info.

Here’s some of the most popular WordPress Backup Plugins (based on # of installs) and instructions for how to do a restore without

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin… how to restore manually (from scratch)

BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin… How to restore a WordPress backup

BackUpWordPressHow to Restore a Backup

Backup Guard… How to restore when the website is crashed

WordPress Backup to DropboxRestoring WordPress from a backup to Dropbox using Cpanel and PhpMyAdmin

XCloner – Backup and Restore…”XCloner provide an easy to use restore script”

Backup & Restore WPBackItUp… has instructions for How To Manually Restore Your WordPress Database

There are other very good WordPress backup plugins that don’t show up on a search in the WordPress Plugins library, like BackupBuddy. Here are some other blog posts that describe those:

11 Free Quality Backup Plugins for Protecting WordPress

How to Backup and Restore WordPress – Step by Step

For migrating a WordPress site from one web hosting service to another, check out All-in-One WP Migration.


One response to “How to Restore from Free WordPress Backup Plugins”

  1. I tried a lot of these free backup solutions; I ultimately recommend actually paying for the word-press one because when my host messed up my files word-press’ tech support helped get it all back because they have more redundancy than just a plug-in.

    But the real “good” of Jet-pack is I swear WordPress is referring more people now

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