Recalibrating my blogging pace

Summer wraps up its hey days. September comes around to launch a new school year. Setting the pace of life back to that normal routine for 9 months.

Now I find myself blogging at a different pace: it’s looking like once or twice a week for this season of life. In the past, The pace I liked to have for my blogging is 2 to 3 posts per week.

(What is a good rhythm of blogging? As a point of reference, I typically advise people to not start blogging if s/he cannot make a blog post at least once a week. I know there are people out there more in the professional blogging realm that blog every weekday in a very disciplined manner. For business- and goal-oriented people, that’s a good thing to do.)

With 12 years of blogging, I’ve certainly not exhausted topics to be blogging about. I’m not considering pulling the plug. This blog started as a personal endeavor and will remain so. Just a place where I can share (a part of) my life and to connect with people far beyond my geographical limitation. Yes, I have a wide eclectic range of topics of interest.

All this to say, not all that much is changing here. Just a change of pace. Add a comment with a topic you’d love to see me blog about. And I’ll queue it up for next week.


6 responses to “Recalibrating my blogging pace”

  1. James Jeffery Avatar
    James Jeffery

    I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while, but life, ministry, and work stop me from writing, which is ironic because I can find time to comment on other peoples blogs. You know how it is though, you have to be really in the mood to get your thoughts online. I’m inspired by your blog though, and I love this theme. Nice and fresh. Only thing I’ve been about to put online is my Dubstep Samples lens/blog. Keep up the work Chuang.

    God Bless. James.

  2. James, thanks for your comment! I know every one of us have 24 hours a day, so it’s a level playing field. Finding the time and energy and motivation and being in the mood are all factors that go into blogging; some find that by setting a schedule and/or goals for what they do with blogging. I’m more of a free spirit, and blog when inspired by the muse 🙂

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