a 21st century high tech prison ministry

Jesus said “… when I was in prison, you visited me.” I confess I’m missing out on a glimpse of Jesus since I have not yet ever visited someone a prison. By grace I don’t personally know anyone there, and of course that’s not the point. When it comes to following Christ, it means so much more to be altruistic and doing good for total strangers and not only for people you know, family, and/or friends.

A social marketing friend Jim Gray is running a campaign this week for God Behind Bars a new ministry for those in prison for a season. God Behind Bars partners with churches and faith-based organizations to stream live worship experiences into prisons all over the world. And, they’ve got an online campus called “Church With Inmates” that allows the families of prisoners to see and experience the same service that their loved one is watching from inside the prison. One more “wall” that’s broken down. 92% of inmates serve their time and are release back to society. So keeping them connected with society in this spiritual dimension is certainly important, and good for everyone.

Another part of the world that’s isolated from the public is the online world of Google+, in many ways yet another social network. (How’s that for a segue?) If you’re on the outside looking in and want to get an account and access Google+ , leave a comment here and I’ll invite you! You’ll get bumped to the front of the line and get in on their limited-access beta. I’ve got more invites, I don’t know how many, so it’swhile supplies last.


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  1. Ed Choy Avatar

    Good thoughts DJ. I actually have a dear friend in prison. I was able to visit him earlier this year after serving 6 years. I was only his second visitor. His dad visited once when he first went in. Years ago I did some ydc ministry (youth detention center) and it was amazing.

    I appreciate you brother!

    Btw, appreciate your google+ invite!

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