Real Changed Lives of Everyday People

Everyone has a story to tell. Even though not everyone is a great storyteller, there are ways to tell one’s story in an engaging way, I think.

Stories of everyday people can be presented in a compelling way and the best instance of that is StoryCorps on NPR. Everyday average people having a conversation and sharing a slice of their story recorded in a short episode. So compelling that over 50,000 episodes are archived in the Library of Congress!

How often have you heard it said that church is not the building, it’s the people. What does that look like? There are church websites featuring the stories of the people and not just the sermons of the pastor(s). In the era of social media, the voices of the people can go much farther and wider.

And here’s a short list of churches I could find that are featuring stories of what God can do in the lives of everyday people – stories presented in a variety of ways: video, audio, and/or in text.

This does make me wonder how do people discover these stories and what would keep them coming back for more. The way StoryCorps does it, over 600k SoundCloud subscribers to its weekly episodes and possibly millions listening on NPR radio.

As much as I love people’s stories, I know I don’t watch every video or read every story of life change when I come across them. And they’re everywhere, on non-profit sites, business sites, social media, etc.

Thinking out loud, I’d definitely read or watch someone’s story if it was someone I knew or if the story had something relevant or related to my life. Otherwise, I confess, the probability of my reading or watching a story is pretty low.

How do you think stories can be better featured that’d keep people coming back for more?


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