Multi-site Churches with Video Teaching by Preachers of Color

The question came up in a recent conversation about how effective is video teaching with non-white church attenders. My hunch (based on my limited experience) in following the chatter with multi-site churches and multiethnic churches over the years, is that video teaching seems to work better with white teaching pastors and communicators.

In other words, it’s (seemingly) harder to find video-driven preaching in multi-site churches with a lead pastor who is a person of color. I’m not a paid researcher nor do I know of research that has diced and sliced the data to quantify this hunch. What I can do is put a list together.

This list of multisite churches have POC teachers and preachers; your help in adding to the list would be most appreciated. Listed in no particular order.

Multi-Site Churches with POC Video Teaching

Bridgeway Community Church @ Columbia MD area ~ Dr. David Anderson

Zion Church @ metro Washington DC area ~ Keith Battle

Destiny Church @ Baltimore area ~ Stephen Chandler

Mosaic Church @ Los Angeles area+ ~ Erwin McManus

Rock Church @ San Diego area ~ Miles McPherson

Cornerstone Church of San Diego ~ Sergio De La Mora

Resonate Church @ Fremont & Hayward CA ~ Ryan Kwon

New Life Covenant Church @ Chicago area ~ Choco De Jesús

People’s Church @ Oklahoma City area ~ Herbert Cooper

The Church Without Walls @ Houston area ~ Dr. Ralph Douglas West

Mosaic Church @ Charlotte area ~ Naeem Fazal

Las Vegas Christian Church @ Las Vegas area ~ Benny Perez

Christ Church @ Montclair + Rockaway NJ ~ Dr. David Ireland

Christian Cultural Center @ New York City area ~ A. R. Bernard

Cathedral International @ Perth Amboy NY area ~ Donald Hilliard

World Changers Church International @ Atlanta+ ~ Creflo Dollar

Grace Church @ Fort Myers FL area ~ Jorge Acevedo

Christ Fellowship @ Miami FL area ~ Omar Giritli

Finding Video Teaching Churches

A side note. With over 5,000 multi-site churches in North America, there may well be many more video teaching being done by non-white pastors. But most churches do not mention whether their campus locations have video teaching on their website or not. So it’d take extra research and effort to find that info; you can help.

(photo credit: bridgewaymd)