Making of a Movement: Multi-site Churches

There’s something exciting about being a part of movement. And there are some people who want to start a movement. How do you start a movement?

One of the most significant movements in recent church history is an (organized) church that meets in multiple locations, the multi-site church movement. I connected with Greg Ligon to hear first-hand about the essential ingredients that go into the making of a movement, and what we can learn from a movement that Greg witnessed first-hand. Greg is one of the co-authors of The Multi-site Church Revolution and A Multi-site Church Road Trip, the 2 seminal books published by Leadership Network. Watch the video:

What stood out for you on the video, regarding the essential ingredients for accelerating a movement? Are you eager to start a movement? Add a comment —

Tech note: apologies for the quality of the recorded video, but the content was too good to just discard. I think we were both on wifi (wireless internet) connections, so that made for less than optimal conditions.


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