Where to Build a Free Church Website

freeThere are a few options for churches to get a basic church website built via self-serve without having to installing software or use a credit card. Here is a list of online website builder platforms that specifically serve churches and ministries:

  • Churchuna – “a WordPress-powered web publishing platform, created especially for the church” – free level has 50 MB storage space; paid level starts at £8.33/month *invitation only*
  • FreeChurchOnline.net – “FreeChurchOnline.net was started in March of 2008 as a ministry arm of ChurchOnline.net. After realizing that some churches were very small and sometimes in debt where they could not pay for any web site, we decided to use our profits to sponsor a free version of the product.”
  • OurChurch.com‘s NE1™ Web Builder has a free plan with 12 pages, 2 MB space; paid plans start at $5.95/month
  • SteepleSites.com – free plan has 3 Pages, 10 MB storage, 1 User; paid plans start at $29/month
  • WorthyofPraise.org – free website hosting for Christian churches
  • ChurchPres – a free WordPress-powered website with 3 GB space, or paid upgrades starting at $25/month
  • City Gates  “beautiful website that’s simple to manage. City Gates combines powerful web tools, ease of use, and great design” – free plan for 1 admin, 2 ministries and 1 GB storage; paid plans start at $39.99/month

Note, however, that time is more valuable than money. While you could earn more money, you can never earn more time. Having a free web presence is a  way to get started, but I’d encourage you to diligently make room in your church budget to get a professional website built that better represents your church and the God that we worship.

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