A List of Asian American Theologians

Thinking and writing about the study of God is known as theology. And in some ways, all of us who are Christ-followers are theologians in that we read and study the Bible. We are commanded to love God with all our mind. However, there are also theologians who are paid professionals, often seminary professors, Bible teachers, or scholarly pastors.

As I compile these 2 lists—theologians with blogs and theologians with books, some do have both—I recognize that these are very elastic categories, that is, should I include Asian theologians? And what about pastors or sociologists? I’ll just post these lists first and see what feedback can be crowdsourced to enhance this.

Asian North American Theologians who are Bloggers

Asian North American Theologians who are Published Authors


Are there others that should be added to the list here? Please add a comment, or contact me if the comments are closed.