Webinars for church leaders & quickly livestream your church worship

Free resources are available to churches, large and small, through the widely available internet, timely for the global pandemic with COVID-19 virus that has moved many church gathering in large groups into small groups at home.


The quickest way to get your church worship online is to run a livestream video of your worship service. Use the smartphone in your pocket, use Facebook Live, follow the basic instructions there, and that’s it. That will suffice for the short-term. (TL;DR is an internet slang, meaning: too long; didn’t read.)

And, yes, of course, there are many other better technology options for a higher-quality video, audio, and livestreaming experience for viewers, but that will take more time to get ready and research; here I just wanted to answer quickly how to get started for the majority of churches that have a small budget.

Upcoming Webinars about Church Online & Coronavirus Response

Here are free webinars about how to get your church connected online and worshipping together, even when your church may have only been in-person in the past.

Tuesday, March 24 @ 3pm ET

Taking Church Online: Community Outreach & Care (Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform)

Thursday, March 26 @ 3pm ET

Taking Church Online: Classes & Groups (Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform)

Tuesday, March 31 @ 3pm ET

Taking Church Online: Giving & Financials (Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform)

TBD by Church IT Network and MinistryPlatform >> Taking Church Online: Children’s Ministry, Virtual Officing

March 23-27 @ 3pm EDT / 12pm PDT

YOUR CHURCH & COVID-19 Webinar Series: 5 Coronavirus Topics Executive Pastors Need to Tackle (hosted by Rich Birch of unSeminary)

Each session will live and include helpful content, Q&A and takeaway materials. Our goal is to help your church step strongly through this season.

Learn how to livestream worship services well

April 2 @ 7am PDT / 10am EDT


Worship Summit Live is a full day of church production education. This Digital Summit is an online gathering of emerging thought leaders pushing all focusing on technologies for worship. Join like-minded individuals who share a passion for spreading the message of God in local and online communities.

Church & Coronavirus

But, there’s more to being the church than having a worship service. These webinars speak to more holistic perspectives on how the church can respond in this pandemic season.

Fridays @ 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 10am PT

Preparing Your Church For The Coronavirus, with Jamie Aten, Ph.D., and Kent Annan, M.Div, from the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, in partnership with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) — learn about how to prepare your church for coronavirus. In these weekly webinars, we will be sharing research, resources and essential tools that will help keep your congregation safe as this public health crisis unfolds. You’ll also gain insights into how to address the fear and anxiety that many people currently feel.

How to setup video conferencing & chats

How do you meet as a church through video chats and conferences? How does the church commune through digital tools and video platforms? I made this basic tutorial for anyone who needs help with setting up video conferences and chats with your small groups or churches so that you are equipped to continue to meet with your churches and small groups during this time. Just because we can’t meet together physically doesn’t mean we can’t still meet together.

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