a list of celebrity churches

All kinds of people need God. Celebrities too. The term “celebrity churches” could refer to churches with celebrities in attendance, or it could refer to churches where the pastor is a celebrity, or both. Here’s a list of those churches that have been described as celebrity churches.

Hillsong Church ~ Carl Lentz

Zoe Church LA ~ Chad Veach

Churchome ~ Judah Smith

VOUS Church ~ Rich Wilkerson, Jr.

Elevation Church ~ Steven Furtick

Mosaic LA ~ Erwin McManus

Radius ~ Joseph Barkley

Reality LA ~ Jeremy Treat

Oasis ~ Philip Wagner

Fresh Life Church ~ Levi Lusko

Fellowship Church ~ Ed Young, Jr.

C3 NYC ~ Josh and Georgie Kelsey

Vive Church ~ Adam and Keira Smallcombe

Epic Church ~ Ben Pilgreen

Full Circle Venice ~ Andrew Keegan

And, if you’re curious, there are more celebrity pastors, or those with expensive sneakers, featured at instagram.com/preachersnsneakers

Illustration by: Todd Detwiler

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(photo credit: ChurchLeaders)