How to add RSS Feed to Feedly in 2 clicks on Chrome

With Google Reader discontinued, Feedly has emerged as one of the most popular RSS reader to subscribe to blogs and RSS-activated content feeds. feedly.comFeedly is currently my RSS reader of choice too, I like its multi-platform availability and well-designed UX. But there’s one thing that’s not yet built-in (at time of this post)–a very easy way to add a feed to Feedly while browsing in Chrome. Feedly does have a great way for adding new feeds to your Feedly inside of Feedly. And the savvy Feedly team is aware of this and open to any suggestion on how to improve the discover and follow experience.

2 of the fastest ways to add an RSS Feed to Feedly in the Chrome browser:  1 is an add-on extension and 1 is a bookmarklet. (I use them both, due to the RSS auto-detect mechanism, the add-on extension or the bookmarklet doesn’t quite work for every website; and I’d prefer to avoid copy-and-pasting URLs, which adds up to 5+ clicks.)

[1] RSS Subscription Extension by Justin Kelly – Add to Chrome and you’ll get the orange RSS button in your omnibox when the extension detects an RSS feed to which you could subscribe on the web page you’re browsing.rss-omnibox

Alternatively, you can use the obsolete RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) that is supposed to be removed from the Web Store, and follow these instructions to add Feedly as the default option. And, if the URL in those instructions don’t work for you, copy-and-paste in the one below:

[2] Subscribe in Feedly bookmarklet by Amit Agarwal (@labnol). What’s great is that a bookmarklet works on ALL browsers that Feedly supports, i.e. Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari. And, for Safari on iOS (iPad and iPhone), there’s the Subscribe in Feedly for iOS bookmarklet.

Alternatively, there’s also the Feedlet bookmarklet by Michael Tunnell. You have to go to the RSS feed first, then click on the Feedlet; this takes the guess-work out of (the occasionally unreliable) auto-discovery.


Aside: there is an Add to Feedly extension that doesn’t quite work for me; batting about 50% chance with auto-detecting of feeds.