How can I use Gift Card Balance?

Gifting has increasingly become the giving and receiving of gift cards. Many other gift cards are purchased, too. All together, you’re looking at over $160 billion of gift card sales in 2018 alone.

Projected gift card sales in the USA (in $ billions)

Now if you’re stuck with more gift card balance than you can use, what can you do with that?

What you can’t do with gift card balance

  • can’t purchase other gift cards using your Gift Card
  • can’t transfer to another account once the claim code has been redeemed
  • can’t be used when making purchases with Amazon Pay on third-party websites
  • can’t be used to purchase or applied to any order containing certain ineligible goods and services such as collectible coins or other gift cards
  • aren’t returnable or refundable
  • read the full terms and conditions for more details on limitations

What you can do with gift card balance

Other names for the Gift Card Balance

They may refer to your Balance as your “Amazon Balance”, “Gift Card balance”, or “GC Balance”. To view your Balance, visit Your Account on