Flickr users with the largest number of photos uploaded is one of the most popular photo sharing sites on the Internet, but it doesn’t provide a ranking of its flickr users with the most photos uploaded (yet?).

I’ve found flickr to be my favorite place to find photography inspiration and where I find photos in the Creative Commons, which may be used like free stock photography depending on its licensing. Flickr users have uploaded almost 100 million photos associated with a Creative Commons license!


Here’s a list of the most prolific flickr users, with the most number of photos posted (randomly sampled at time of this post):

Note: I browsed quickly through users’ photostreams to see if their photos were “Some right reserved” or “All rights reserved”, so whether a user is listed above or below, check the license designation on each photo before using. Below are some large photo collections on flickr with copyrighted photos:

aside: this list is an answer for the question, who has the most photos on flickr; also see this MetaFilter post in 2008, Which Flickr user has uploaded the most photos?