download all your flickr photos or how to migrate them

Once popular photo-sharing social-network site flickr hasn’t kept up with the latest developing innovations where the pace is set by the likes of instagram, Google+ photos, Facebook, even with Flickr’s past 3 months of upgrades. I will say this: Flickr is still the most fertile place to find Creative Commons photos. (Any contenders?)

How can you download your Flickr photos for both backup and migrating them for sharing elsewhere? Here’s a list of web apps and client softwares I’d found that can download flickr photos in bulk:

web app

Windows / Mac / Linux
Bulkr – w/ a paid Pro version for extra features

Windows / Mac
PhotoSync Companion

Windows software

Mac software
Photo Grabbr


Firefox extension

Chrome extension


other references

  • instructions for using iPhoto ’11
  • Migrating 21k Pictures and Videos from Flickr to Picasa

Any others to add?


7 responses to “download all your flickr photos or how to migrate them”

  1. Just this week I used flump (an adobe air app: to download my flickr photos. My flickr pro is due for renewal next month and I’m not renewing… Currently trying out and so far so good!

    1. Awesome, that’s a great find – thanks for the link to Flump

  2. facebook_vaibhavdomkundwar Avatar

    @djchuang, thanks for adding PicBackMan. Just wanted to let you know that we recently release version which adds multi threading to further improve the upload speed for simultaneous backup to multiple online services.

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