Churches with In-Person Worship Services in the OC

Most churches have remained open during the past 3 months or so with livestreamed or on-demand video worship services, due to the global pandemic of COVID19 coronavirus.

[update 7/13/20] “Effective immediately, California closes some indoor business operations statewide and additional indoor operations in counties on Monitoring List for 3 consecutive days.” <- this means indoor worship services are not allowed, per Governor Newsom’s Executive Order for the State of California

Health regulations vary and change often. But Christians greatly value gathering together in person for worship. Here’s a short list of churches that have in-person worship services. Note: Attendees are warned of health precautions and risks involved; some churches require reservations and RSVP online.

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Editor Comment: Yes, basically, you’d have to go thru church websites one-by-one to see if they have in-person worship service or not. There is not a near real-time database or computer system that can automatically index all the churches that have in-person worship services. That would be an interesting use of computer-saavy people to build, but it’s a very limited use case. And while there are thousands of volunteers that have made Wikipedia a free source of information, we don’t find that kind of crowdsourced mobilizing in the Christian world. Yet?

There is one company (Breeze ChMS) that developed this free web app to make easy registration forms for churches to manage their seating capacity and time slots. Thank you Breeze!