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Mental Health Therapists for People of Color

Good seeing this New York Times article, “It’s Hard to Search for a Therapist of Color. These Websites Want to Change That.” with a list of directories and websites for mental health professionals, counselors, and therapists who are culturally competent. Studies have shown that mental health treatments can be more effective when a client feels that their therapist values culture.

Where to Find a Therapist of Color

This blog post was made in July 2021, BIPOC Mental Health Month. Please make this list even more helpful and add to this list by contacting the curator.

Suggestions from that New York Times article

Tips on finding a culturally competent therapist

Keep in mind that online therapist directories do not always have the resources to verify licensing or vet the quality of the therapist, so it’s important to do your own due diligence. First, make sure that your therapist is licensed and in good standing with their licensing board. …

After you’ve located someone promising, ask for a free “get to know you” session where you can interview the therapist about treatments and cultural competence, said Melanie M. Domenech Rodríguez, a professor at Utah State University and an expert in multicultural psychology.

Dr. Rodríguez suggested asking the following questions:

  • What is your approach to treating my issue?
  • Do you use an evidence-based treatment? If so, what it is called?
  • How often do you work with Black, Indigenous and other people of color?
  • What challenges have you faced in providing services to people of color and how have you addressed them?

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