a list of millennial pastors under 40

Who are the pastors that will speak to the next generation, in the midst of statistics that say so many millennials are leaving the institutional organized church? Here are some of the millennial pastors that speak to their generation (listed in no particular order):

Of course, there are many many more millennial pastors under the age of 40. This list is merely a starter one, because we couldn’t find one—anywhere on the internet, as far as Google can see, if you can believe that.

This list is intended for lead pastors and teaching pastors (if we tried to include all other staff pastors, the list would be too large to maintain, sorry.) This list has no ranking, no numbers, because humility is a good and healthy thing to keep egos in check.

And, here is another list of pastors under 40, leading megachurches, from Leadership Network: Youngest Megachurch Pastor? 20 To Watch.

Effective Pastoring in the 21st Century

Pastoring in the next generation goes beyond the four walls of a church building. Pastoring means being able to persuade and communicate offline as well as online. That’s challenging, no doubt.

And, that means a pastor’s family won’t just get that feeling of being in a fish bowl; a millennial pastor’s family will have followers online from all over the world.

Yet, our times and our next generations need shepherds who will lead and preachers who will teach. May this be a list of some who will persevere for a lifetime and not flame out.

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