8 nations of innovation according to Rick Warren

They probably had a good reason to call the TEDx event in Orange County TEDxOrangeCoast instead of TEDxOrangeCounty. Did you know there are (at least) 8 Orange Counties: California, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Indiana, Texas, Vermont, Virginia

TEDxOrangeCoast happened in May 2011 at UC Irvine. Amidst the speakers’ lineup was Saddleback Church’s pastor Rick Warren & you can watch the video. He described how innovation often comes from asking the right questions, and listed 8 essential questions as the “8 Nations of Innovation”:

  1. Termination- What do I need to stop doing?
  2. Collaboration (Coordination) – How do we do it faster, larger, cheaper, or with a team?
  3. Combination – What can we mix together to make something new?
  4. Elimination (Simplification) – What part could we take out in order to make something similar?
  5. Reincarnation (Reinvention) – What has died that we can bring back to life in a new format?
  6. Rejuvenation – How can we change the purpose for why we are doing it?
  7. Illumination – How can we look at it in a new light?
  8. Fascination – How can we make it more interesting?


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