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Top 10 Largest Churches in Orange County California

List of the 10 largest megachurches in Orange County, California, affectionally known as the OC. (Megachurches are defined by an average weekend attendance of over 2,000, adults and children)

8 nations of innovation according to Rick Warren

8 nations of innovation according to Rick Warren

They probably had a good reason to call the TEDx event in Orange County TEDxOrangeCoast instead of TEDxOrangeCounty. Did you know there are (at least) 8 Orange Counties: California, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Indiana, Texas, Vermont, Virginia… TEDxOrangeCoast happened...

finding a church home in Irvine California

I like connecting people to people. There, I’ve said it. Whether it’s people to God, people to resources, people to churches, people to places, it’s listening people’s question and connecting to what they’re looking for. In a recent conversation, someone...