Conferences for Asian American Christian Women?

A friend was asking about finding a Christian women’s conference for Asian Americans. I didn’t know of any regularly scheduled Asian American Christian women conference out there. Thought I’d check on Twitter. I tweeted this out:

“Is there an Asian American Christian women’s conference sometime somewhere in North America? (Asking for a friend who’d like spiritual refreshment without the extra work of recontextualizing)

And got a couple of tweet replies back. One highly recommended the PAMAAWTM conference coming in Atlanta this April. PAMAAWTM is the acronym for Pacific, Asian, and North American Asian Women in Theology and Ministry, and their annual conference has an impressive run for 34 years and still going. Another tweet mentioned an API women leadership conference from May 2012–

I passed these along to my friend. But she was looking for something more about spiritual refreshment and maybe Bible teaching, rather than theological work or ministry leadership training.

I thought about the question on the back burner of my mind during a slower Saturday afternoon. I thought of a different way to go at that question.

Instead of looking for a women’s conference hosted by a Christian ministry, what about a women’s retreat of a local church that reaches a sizable number of Asian American women? I worked through my list of Multi-Asian churches, not all of them, but the older ones that might be more likely to have multiple generations and more programs for different groups.

Women’s Retreat at Asian American Churches

I found two:

  1. Asian American Baptist Church in Dallas (Texas) has a women’s retreat
  2. Ambassador Church in Anaheim and Brea (California) has a women’s retreat

Would you know of any others? Let’s help our sisters in Christ be encouraged and strengthened together.

(by the way, I did find a church that had a women’s retreat every 3 years, but that’s not going to work every year..)

[photo credit : Aaron Burden on Unsplash]

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