Silent Exodus: Asian American Christians Leaving Churches

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2 Responses

  1. Evan Jackson says:

    A third of Christian youth leaving the faith and never returning are still staggering numbers, and I can’t help but blame our modern educational mentality for this. Some 90% of these youths are being raised in public schools which teach that there is no god (except Darwin) and which tend toward silencing Christianity. It is no surprise that youth who come out of such a system are weakened in their faith.

    That we take these weak youths and throw them into a college system is maddening. College life is unnatural – it is the only place where people go to live away from the influence of their parents and their communities. They have no spouse, no children, and no meaningful responsibility to anyone. Often, by living on loans, they have a lavish and carefree lifestyle without any work. Most college students are further exposed to liberal anti-Christian teachings in college. The result is a toxic soup of immature youths with no responsibilities, no accountability, and constant pressure to engage in a hedonistic lifestyle. It is no surprise that this results in a near-constant flow of sex, drugs (including alcohol), and other wild living. Who has time for church on Sunday when Saturday was spent watching football, drinking, and getting laid? There’s homework to be done on Sunday afternoon when the hangover subsides.

    It is no wonder that so many are falling away and not coming back. It is hard to go back to church after an experience like that. Those habits die hard, but worse, it is easier for young people to try and justify their sins by agreeing with their education and saying “There is no god!” than it is to admit that their entire life and education was a sin-laden train-wreck.

    The solution to this is for Christians to change their outlook about family life. Start homeschooling your kids instead of sending them to public school. You can’t afford not to. Encourage your kids to marry and get work experience instead of going to college. Experience beats education on a resume anyway. And the church needs to start taking back the reigns of education by making an upper-level Christian education affordable and pressuring our agnostic government to stop competing with us in the education field.

    Or, you can just sacrifice one-in-three of your kids to the god of this world. Your choice.