Grammarly adding extra HTML code?

I want to like Grammarly. I really do. And for the grammar errors that it catches for me, Grammarly is working pretty good.

But the other day, I noticed that the Grammarly extension was adding extra HTML code at the bottom of some of my blog post. I haven’t figured out the pattern yet and I don’t want to put in all kinds of time to troubleshoot.

There’s one that showed up at the bottom of this blog post. To see if it shows up in your blog post, click on the HTML tab of your blog editor. It looks like this:

<div class="grammarly-disable-indicator"></div>

Anyone else notice this? What’s up with that? How do I prevent Grammarly from doing this? Or is this one of those free features that goes away with a paid upgrade?

I’m blogging on WordPress, a self-installed version. And I’m using Safari for Mac browser, with the Safari extension for Grammarly. And this blog post is being composed and posted from my dashboard.


This discussion “How to stop extensions/add ons like grammarly on contenteditable editors” talks about some kind of javascript payload thing happening with the editor and how Grammarly could disable the plugin. I want to use the plugin and I don’t want the extraneous code. Isn’t that possible?

This github discussion says that this extra code only gets added on Safari. And, on WordPress and Mailchimp. Um, okay, let me try it on Chrome. Let’s see how it goes. Okay, no extra code here.


2 responses to “Grammarly adding extra HTML code?”

  1. Happens to me too

    1. It’s so confounding. I don’t know why. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

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