interview about Asian American theology symposium 9

Dr. Young Lee Hertig, Director of Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity-SoCal and Asian American Women On Leadership, coordinated the inaugural Asian American Equipping Symposium, an event that brought together ministry leaders and theologians to engage in some robust reflections and discussions about contextualizing theology for and by […]

debrief on the Fuller conversations 4

I got an invite from Daniel Lee [facebook profile], a Th.M. student at Fuller Theological Seminary, who is coordinating a newly-formed group on campus called Asian American Theological Fellowship. Last night was quite the privilege for me to share a presentation titled “Reaching the next generation of Asian Americans”. More […]

a Conversation between Keller, Piper, and Carson 17

Astonishing to hear Tim Keller say at the begining of video segment 2 of 6, “I disagree completely…” Watch the videos for context of this conversation between Tim Keller, John Piper, and D.A. Carson. The video is shot in real-time conversation between 3 persons, which is way more visually interesting […]