News Release: Logos Bible Software is now Faithlife Corporation

NEWS RELEASE Logos Bible Software is now Faithlife Corporation Logos Bible Software has changed its company name to Faithlife Corporation to reflect a wider offering of products and services for the Christian community. BELLINGHAM, Wash., September 15, 2014 — Logos Bible Software, the maker of the world’s leading Bible software, is rebranding […]

Community Bible Church Introduces Innovative Program to Develop New Online Churches

[press release] COMMUNITY BIBLE CHURCH INTRODUCES INNOVATIVE PROGRAM TO DEVELOP NEW ONLINE CHURCHES Free Online Church Leaders training platform provides step-by-step instructions to launch an online church, with a goal of reaching one million people each week by 2016 SAN ANTONIO – July 15, 2014 – In what is believed […]

Freedom of speech, journalism, and artistic license 2

When public communications veer off the path of truth, and enters the domain of artistic expression, not only are lines blurred, because both journalism and art/ entertainment are forms of public communications, the confusion of fuzzy logic and the gullible naivite of the undiscerning casts a cloud of anxiety over […]

River of Data is like an Activity Stream like River of News 4

As we’re all trying to figure out how to manage the information flow that comes through various websites, social networks, blogs, video sites, online communities, what have you, there’s a layout that’s becoming more and more common, but I’m not sure what that format is being called. The format is […]

Announcement: Consultant for Hire 18

2010 is a brand new season for my work life. I am now working as a freelance consultant, aka independent contractor. In addition to being available for short-term projects, I’ve just started working with Worship Leader Magazine and its media group [cf. press release]; I will continue to work with […]