A Better Gospel for Chinese People and Asian Cultures 9

Have you noticed there are 4 Gospels about Jesus Christ in the Bible, the Christian Scriptures? Why wasn’t one more than enough? One reason it’s so valuable to have these multiple presentations of the life of Christ is to make it more understandable and meaningful to particular people in specific cultures: Matthew for […]

Asian American Christian faith matters 2

A handful of events and networks have crossed my radar recently that cultivate dialogue around the contextualizing of Christian faith for/with/by Asian Americans. October 15th / 22nd @ Dallas / Houston Legacy Dialogue 2011: Trust Factor – how to build trust between two generations in ministry – the future of […]

all kinds of spiritual formation going on 14

For followers of Jesus wanting a more transformational life, more people seem to be engaging in some kind of spiritual formation process. I’m finding a number of different programs and processes that are percolating in the evangelical world at large (though the concept has been around for Catholics for centuries.) […]