Oct 192012

Pastors who are planting churches in the 21st century, (some of them anyways,) are inviting people to follow along as things unfold in the process.

They used to call it progress reports, but that sounds oh-so formal. Now it’s in the genre of behind the scenes, the making of a church plant, or reality TV. In our day and age, when marketing could be paid, earned, or owned, why rent when you can own?

Rather than doing a stealth launch, preparing a project in secret, or staying low under the radar, I’ve found some pastors who are more along the lines of being open and transparent with what it is that they’re doing in their new entrepreneurial venture, or shall I say, adventures in church planting. (And methinks it’s far better to tell your own story, rather than allowing others to make up their story about you.)Here’s a few that come to mind ::

There are probably many, since an estimated 5,000 church planting leaders are gathering at Exponential 2013, the mother of all church planting conferences. Add a comment if you are blogging your life in church planting, or know of someone that is.

Aug 112011

Summer wraps up its hey days. September comes around to launch a new school year. Setting the pace of life back to that normal routine for 9 months.

Now I find myself blogging at a different pace: it’s looking like once or twice a week for this season of life. In the past, The pace I liked to have for my blogging is 2 to 3 posts per week.

(What is a good rhythm of blogging? As a point of reference, I typically advise people to not start blogging if s/he cannot make a blog post at least once a week. I know there are people out there more in the professional blogging realm that blog every weekday in a very disciplined manner. For business- and goal-oriented people, that’s a good thing to do.)

With 12 years of blogging, I’ve certainly not exhausted topics to be blogging about. I’m not considering pulling the plug. This blog started as a personal endeavor and will remain so. Just a place where I can share (a part of) my life and to connect with people far beyond my geographical limitation. Yes, I have a wide eclectic range of topics of interest.

All this to say, not all that much is changing here. Just a change of pace. Add a comment with a topic you’d love to see me blog about. And I’ll queue it up for next week.

Jun 202011

The universe conspires in our favor sometimes. In an effort to save a botched attempt at a #85ctweetup video chat, because some coffee shop didn’t have wifi (in this day and age, can you believe it?!) … I did connect with @alisa_m_ (Alisa Manjarrez) and we somehow got onto the topic of blogging. I checked my archives, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s my 12 year anniversary of blogging! We recorded our video chat, talking about what it was like for me to be blogging for 12 years, what is the deal with orange, and a few highlights. Watch part of the interview or watch the extended version of the unedited video interview. (It’s 27 minutes long. You’ve been warned.)

And, a Big Thank You for being a subscriber here!! To celebrate this 12th anniversary with me, go to a Mexican restaurant near you and tell ‘em it’s TACO TUESDAY! And, hashtag your photo with #tacotuesday on Twitter (cf. there’s a bunch of restaurants in the OC with dinner specials on Taco Tuesday)

Links mentioned in the extended video, aka show notes: Yogurtland, Tim Keller, Peter Drucker, Christian celebrities, Asian American, Multiethnic church, my YouTube channel

Jan 262011

Looking for active bloggers who are multiethnic church leaders? Why blogs and bloggers? Because they’re most findable via search engines, more sharable with many people on the open internet over a longer period of time, and they [potentially] can say a lot more than a tweet or status update.


In other words, conversations build relationships and understanding. Blogging in many ways is a better way to express ideas + thoughts + feelings in more details than a quick tweet via Twitter. Ultimately, the best conversations can happen face-to-face, but just because we’re not in the same geographical physical location doesn’t mean the conversation has to stop.

Here’s a list of active bloggers that are multiethnic church leaders, actively engaged in blog conversations about church diversity, in random order:

There are others I may not know (my apologies for glaring omissions), and there will be more as time goes. Anyone else I should add to the list?

Also seee: Asian American women Christian ministry leaders + Top church blogs by minority leaders

Apr 122010

What are the keys to effective team blogs, those blogs with multiple contributors? The most popular blog tools have the functionality for it: 1 blog with multiple authors. Some of the most popular blogs are team blogs, like Gizmodo [14], TechCrunch [7], Boing Boing [8], engadget, Lifehacker [6], ReadWriteWeb [10], Huffington Post [52], Gawker [11], twitip.com. [brackets denote number of contributors at time of this post]

Why aren’t there more team blogs as more normative for good blogging? The idea seems easy enough: get a team of bloggers to share the load of content generation, e.g. get 5 people to blog once a week, instead of 1 person blogging every weekday.

Launching a multi-author blog doesn’t magically beget popularity and large readership (if you’re into that; by the way, a large audience makes it easier to monetize and turn a blog into a profit-making venture, a la an advertising revenue model)

Here’s 3 things I’ve noticed about effective / successful team blogs:

  • hot topic: team blogs with lots of readers (and comments) are on popular topics that lots of people are interested in. Call it market-driven if you will. Hot topics = tech, celebrities, politics.
  • quality: gotta have great writing, great content, which comes from skill and passion and staying on topic
  • coordination: this isn’t a laissez-faire hands-off deal, someone has to actively coordinate and contributors ought to develop some system of communication with one another; content scheduling is one part of doing this; conductor-less orchestra is a rare exception

What would you add? Some other thoughts + insights about team-blogging ::

[mood: writing this blog on a Sunday afternoon in one of the larger Starbucks around, here in West Village of Uptown Dallas; lots of buzz and people all around.. with a lil reggae music in the background]

Jul 242009

Thrilled to be in Dallas this week for the Ideation Experience hosted by Leadership Network. I didn’t spend much time at the laptop keyboard and made most of my time with f2f conversations. For great notes on the process of ideation and innovation, see http://jennicatron.tv

And, while it is possible to type on this smartphone, blogging thoughtfully does go so much better, and faster, on a full size keyboard.

To glance back at my week, look at my instablog http://daily.djchuang.com and my 24/7 twitter feed http://twitter.com/djchuang247


Jul 062009

Steve Rubel (formerly of Micro Persuasion) is one of those “A-list” bloggers, and he explained “why I am forking my content“. He signed off his main blog with: So Long Blogging, Hello Lifestreaming!

I’ve started to put my content into several different buckets, too, coincidentally. And it happened to happen around the same time.

My upcoming multi-site road trip next weekend triggered my exploration on what to do with my online content. You might call this “content segmentation.” Here’s where my content is now being posted:

djchuang.com – my personal blog here will remain the place where I write out my more lengthy color commentaries on my eclectic thoughts and personal feelings

twitter.com/djchuang@djchuang is my main twitter feed with updates primarily covering the topics of faith and culture, and joining in on related conversations

twitter.com/djchuang247@djchuang247 is my new twitter feed with updates that will be reveal glimpses of my personal everyday life and more extensive commentaries and sound bites during conferences I attend

daily.djchuang.com – this is my tumblr-powered daily blog that’ll mix mostly a photo blog and an audio blog, with occasional deep-dive event live-blogging

facebook.com/djchuang – this connects me to a smaller circle of people. If I instinctively recognize the face or name, I’ll accept a friend request. If not, sorry.

friendfeed.com/djchuang – this will get you everything in my lifestream, including blogs, tweets, yelps, delicious, flickr, youtube, etc.

I also contribute to these blogs as a part of my professional career life:

I’ve heard not everyone wants to read everything I have to write or comment on everything, particularly some of the inane personal things I’m doing at the moment, to which I even say to myself, “so what?” I’ve even had one person _block_ me on Twitter just to make sure he doesn’t get my too-frequent updates — when all he had to do is unfollow me.

All of us have to be selective on what content we’ll subscribe to, filter through, follow, or manage. No offense taken if you choose only a portion of my lifestream.

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Feb 082009

While the publishing process still has its mystique, and each publishing house has its own style and approach, the writing process is usually a closed and mysterious too, with its content closely guarded until it’s published (and sold), since people are paying for the content. Things are changing.

naked-conv-bookA book published in 2006 opened it up — Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers. The authors, Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, posted their book’s content on a blog, and invited feedback on the draft version. Leaning into the power of the wisdom of the crowds, the book was polished in the open, and got published into a hardcover book. And the book still sold well. (How well I can’t say; I don’t have access to those numbers.)

The authors blogged milestones in their publishing process, Publisher’s Proposal 1.0 + Not Quite Fully Transparent + Publisher’s Update + We have our publisher! . And as they wrote, the book‘s (draft) content’s was posted online:
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Jan 202009

In addition to the 100+ presenters, here’s (some of) the bloggers and/or twitterers (aka tweeps, tweeple, …) I know will be at the Innovation3 Gathering next week [or take a look at the big mashup Google Map with (almost all) registered attendees]: gmaps2
Cynthia Ware thedigitalsanctuary.org
Carlos Whittaker ragamuffinsoul.com
Tony Morgan tonymorganlive.com
Greg Atkinson gregatkinson.com
Rhett Smith rhettsmith.com
Camron Ware visualworshipper.com
Jaime Jackson jamiejacksonxp.com
Charles Lee charlestlee.com
John Atkinson http://johnatkinson.typepad.com *
Jason Curlee http://jaycurlee.blogspot.com/ *
Kent Shaffer churchrelevance.com
Scott Williams www.bigisthenewsmall.com/ *
Mary Beth Stockdale http://marybethstockdale.wordpress.com/ *
Bobby Greunewald swerve.lifechurch.tv
Dave Gibbons davegibbons.tv
Dave Ferguson daveferguson.typepad.com/
Mark Driscoll theresurgence.com
Ed Stetzer edstetzer.com
Todd Rhoades toddrhoades.com
Dave Travis davetravisnow.com
Sherry Surratt sherrysurratt.com
Geoff Surratt geoffsurratt.com
Eric Swanson ericjswanson.com
Marc Payan http://marcpayan.com/ *
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