Now available! MultiAsian.Church book in print and digital!

The publishing of this new book, “MultiAsian.Church : A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World,” is finally complete! Now it is available for purchase online, both in print and in digital formats. 100% of proceeds from book sales go to Thirty.Network for advancing Asian American church leaders in […]

Food Tours in San Gabriel Valley, aka 626 2

Thought I’d share what I’m finding while researching an informal foodie tour in Southern California, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, where’s there’s many great foods and flavors from many cultures and cuisines. Before I share my research, here’s my quick foodie hack when I don’t have time to research or […]

Sequence of all 34 StrengthFinder themes

With the popular StrengthsFinder assessment, the online test provides a person’s top five themes in the resulting report. And when a person’s in a context where those five themes, talents, and strengths can be recognized and used, it is most energizing, productive, and engaging. Recently, I’ve learned from a certified StrengthsFinder coach […]

Where to get 酸梅汤 Sour Plum Drink #suanmeitang

A wonderfully delicious Chinese beverage known as Suanmeitang 酸梅湯, aka Sour Plum Drink, is traditionally popular in parts of China and Taiwan, and you’d think it’d be available somewhere in popular Chinese areas here in the OC (Orange County, California). Since I don’t read Chinese characters, it hasn’t been easy to find […]