The Decline of the Tim Keller Wiki website

Since 2009, for about 8 years, a small group of contributors curated content for the Tim Keller Wiki at At that time, only 2 popular books authored by Pastor Tim Keller had been published, namely, The Reason for God and The Prodigal God. Many many more Tim Keller books […]

How to register an expired domain name

There’s 2 reasons you might want to register an expired domain name: It’s your own domain name and you forgot to renew. Or, it’s someone else’s domain name and you want it. Unfortunately, it’s complicated, because different registrars and different top-level domains have different terms for how they do things. […]

How to Restore from Free WordPress Backup Plugins 1

Sure it’s important to have backups of your WordPress websites and blogs, but it’s just as important to be able to restore those backups. After all, what good are the backups if you can’t restore them? It seems many of the popular backup plugins will do the backup for free […]

List of beautiful Starbucks destinations in the USA

Starbucks stores around the world are serving up espresso drinks and coffee in over 25,000 convenient locations. Some of these locations are destinations that have made adaptive reuse of existing architectural buildings or have created special spaces with cool aesthetics and beautiful design. Several lists have highlighted many of the coolest […]

List of church apps for mobile smartphones

With so many people with smartphones, there are now so many church apps too. Most church apps have custom branding & design specific to a church; common features include: sermons, events, announcements, church info. Less common features: Bible, prayer, social. Some vendors focus on just developing customized church apps; other vendors have church […]