7 of the ways to debunking myths of shame

When 2 young Asian Americans tackle the enormously huge topic of shame, that is quite extraordinary. Several non-Asian Caucasians have recently addressed the concept of shame, most popularly among them is Brené Brown, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing when someone Asian American (or someone Asian) goes public with their battles thru […]

7 reasons I use #chatnotes to share valuable resources & links

I stumbled upon something valuable from hangin’ out with millennials and we’ve discovered another way to use social media in a generous and productive way. Here’s how it goes down. When I’m meeting up with people and having an engaging conversation, I’ll do a public Facebook check-in on my timeline […]

Overcoming the Fear of Getting Started 1

Having been at 4 conferences during the past 3 weeks, I’ve got a lot of things stirring in my mind from my conversations with several dozens of people. And I got to listen to a bunch of podcasts too, so that’s added to my brain activities too. One thing I […]