Can we talk about shame?

Yes, we have launched a podcast called Erasing Shame where we will have honest talk for healthy living—emotionally, relationally, mentally, and personally. DJ Chuang and Eunice Lee will co-host Season 1 together.

erasing shame

I’m particular grateful for Eunice making time to do this podcast together, because the topic of shame is so big, what resources we have currently isn’t quite enough to alleviate the stigma over issues of mental illness, certain diseases, imperfections, generational and cultural and racial tensions, and many more aspects to be unearthed and revealed to be healed.

Yes it’s a good thing for the likes of Brene Brown popularizing the topic in our mainstream consciousness. Yet the mere knowledge of shame affecting people of every culture has not paved the way for more people to find their way to healing and freedom.

In our pilot episode of Erasing Shame, during our first conversations, we’ve only begun to uncover a couple of those aspects, and realizing there are so many more parts to unpack, untangle, and unlock.

Why are we tackling such a big topic then, if it is so challenging and enormous? I’ll say a little it about that.. this podcast idea is something I’ve been thinking about and incubating for over 5 years. To have freely available and easily accessible content about erasing shame and replacing shame with the ingredients of healthy living, those shameful feelings have to be brought out into the light. It has to come out of hiding.

Another way to say this: you’re only as sick as your secrets.

Of course not everything personal about you has to be broadcast on social media into the public. Maybe we will explore this on a future episode, what is appropriate and what is inappropriate for social media, where there are those who has made it a place of anything goes. That could be called shameless.

Erasing shame is not about being shameless. Erasing shame is about the process of identifying those hurts, habits, and hangups that prevent us from living in a fully healthy and fulfilling way.

Thank you for reading about how we are starting Erasing Shame. And we’d love to hear from you as we together work towards erasing shame.