Weekend of an ordinary average family guy

The power of perception. Your perception shapes your reality. More than that, really, for most people. Your perception becomes your reality; your perception IS your reality. Me too. My perception is my reality. And here’s how I see and perceive myself, who I think I am.

I’m really just an ordinary average guy.

I won’t use the word normal, I know I’m not that. I was today described as “an interesting guy” by an old friend. I can live with that. I like to keep myself available and accessible to ordinary people. (I don’t need to be protecting my time or be shrewdly strategic to maximize my effectiveness and impact.) My phone number is here for you to call 949-243-7260 and when you call I will answer. If I’m not able to answer right away, I’ll call you back, and we’ll chat about whatever.

Labor Day weekend marked the end of summer, and here’s how ordinary it was. We made it mostly family time, mostly unplanned, it unfolded as ideas spontaneously surfaced.

Saturday. Took a lunch road trip to downtown Orange for the Internatioanal Street Fair. I wound up having a $5 gyro. My wife and 15yo son were with me. 2 hours or so of sauntering. Did a load of laundry. Afternoon nap. Went to Saturday night church worship at Saddleback Rancho Capistrano, and the bonus was a pizza dinner afterward. Met a retired doctor named Bill, and got him super-quickly signed up on Twitter on his cell phone — you can too, just send a text to 40404 with a message: follow rickwarren

Sunday. Breakfasted at Bagels & Brew, father & son style. Ran errand with son for a church tech team meeting. Light grocery shopping. Washed the car (Prius c) by hand, father & son teamwork. Went to hardware store twice to get shelving brackets, and then the screws. Cheeseburger macaroni mix for a leftover lunch. Built 2 wall shelves in my son’s bedroom. Watched documentary about The Gates (a controversial 2-week outdoor art installation in New York City’s Central Park back in February 2005) on hulu.com
beach foam
Monday. Road trip to Laguna Beach with family for 3 hours, which included breakfasting at C’est La Vie overlooking the beach, walked along the beach, stopped by a grocery store and picked up 1 Hatch green chile for 27 cents. Sloppy joe sandwich and leftovers for lunch. Afternoon nap. Chili for dinner with a movie, the 3rd sequel of that Back to the Future franchise. Bummed I forgot to make cornbread. Bedtime.

See, pretty ordinary, yes? What did you do for this last weekend to end out the summer of 2012?


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