There was a blog for Asian American Christian voices

NextGenerAsianChurch team blog had quite a run, almost a decade, as a collective that was open to talk about the collision of faith and Asian American cultures. The blog went dark about a year ago, for some unknown reason.

I was digging up some of those old blog posts for a friend, so while I was at it, thought I’d just go ahead and share it with the rest of the world.

posts from 2018
The Conservative Silence on Race ++

An Open Letter from the Asian American Community to the Evangelical Church

Top 15 blog posts over the last quarter-

Top Asian Americans on YouTube
Jeremy Lin & Asian American Male Sexuality
Is Francis Chan a sell-out?
popular Asian American musicians on YouTube
The model minority myth is a lie.
List of Asian American Christian Bloggers
Beauty Is The Beast?
The Search for Asian-American Worship
Article: The Korean Pentecost: The Great Revival of 1907
Why Churches Split: A Family Systems Explanation
Why Asian American Obsession with Jeremy Lin is well, Weak
West Coast vs. East Coast Asian America
Jeremy Lin, The Civil Rights Movement, & The Empowerment of Voice
“A Silent Exodus” Leads to Freedom
The Ties That Bind Must Break

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