Rick Warren interview aired on Easter Sunday 2012

ABC News’ This Week featured on Easter Sunday 2012 this 18-minute exclusive interview with Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church and a shorter interview with Kay Warren, wife of Pastor Rick, with mention of her new book, Choose Joy: Because Happiness Isn’t Enough. Interviewer was Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) described Pastor Rick as the “most powerful religious leader in America.” While good to interview a pastor on Easter Sunday, the millions of Christians were at worship services around the country would not have seen the interview on television that aired on Sunday morning. So who woulda watched it? Good thing it’s available online for on-demand viewing too. And I’ve added links to portions of interview transcript after the jump. // [update 4/9] watch entire episode of This Week + full transcript //

Partial transcripts – text of interview with Rick Warren at ABC News Blogs:

[disclosure: I attend Saddleback Church @ Rancho Capistrano]


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