Running Windows XP on MacBook Pro

The contest is over, and we all have a winner! They’ve found a solution to running Windows XP on MacBook Pro, posted it on 3/16/06, and the winners Blanka and Narf get the $13,000+ cash prize. Now there is 1 more reason to switch.

The good news is only beginning to circulate: TUAW broke the news, Red Herring, MacWorld, Engadget [noted when the solution was being submitted, with XP on Mactel: the movie], ZDNet [and their interview with the contest host Colin Nederkoorn], Forbes, ComputerWorld, Cult of Mac,, PC World [with mirror of the bootloader file and instructions]. Arstechnica tracks the drama of it all, with a flickr set of photos. Also bookmark this definitive wiki with info about booting Windows on Mac at MacRumors tracking known issues and on-going improvements, and my own scant pseudo-wiki page on Windows XP and Intel Macs.

My question is: what would Nick do?

[update 4/5/06: Apple unveils software to permit Windows use – go download the official Apple Boot Camp. Nice slogan: “Macs do Windows, too.”]

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  1. Bumble says:

    Hhm, why would anyone want to run XP on Mac? I thought their OSX was supposed to be a much better OS…

  2. djchuang says:

    Here’s my reasons for running Windows XP on a Mac:

    1. Use the very cool MacBook Pro hardware with bright LCD screen and the patent-pending MagSafe(tm) magnetic power connector.
    2. Run two OSes on the same laptop.
    3. Run the full spectrum of softwares on Mac OS and on Windows XP.
    4. Because you can!
  3. grifter13 says:

    I have been a linux user for 23 some odd years now, but when my wife got herself a MAC I instantly fell in love with it. Having said that, I still found the need to have a windows boot because of the many software tools that comes only in windows. So the idea of MAC with windows dual boot is very attractive.

    Ultimate goal is get linux in as well, then I will really be in my elements.



  4. Apollo13Thirteen says:

    I am in the aviation field, and like most elements of support in my world, we are woefully behind then times. Translation: many number crunching software items for performance calculations are still written for Windows machines. Now, I can bring one laptop to work to do all my desired tasks and leave the frustration of my Dell at home!

  5. Andrew Edwards says:

    to grifter13:
    The Linux kernel was invented as a derivative of Minix in 1990-1991, therefore you cannot have been a Linux user for 23 years.

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