Number of Korean Churches in the USA and Canada

Here at the 2-week residency of the D.Min. Asian American Ministry Track at Talbot School of Theology. Thanks to Dr. Ben Shin for inviting me to present 2 class lectures. This afternoon was on how the history of Christianity in Asia and in America impacts Asian Americans today.

I wanted to get some more recent numbers for Asian American churches than what I had researched back in 2009; here’s what I found regarding Korean American churches and Korean American Christianity::

4,233 Korean churches in the US
476 Korean churches in Canada
1,358 Korean churches in California
5,929 Korean churches outside of Korea

As of 2013, there are 5,929 Korean Diaspora churches outside of Korea of which 4,233 are in the US and 476 in Canada. California is home to 1,358 churches. In SoCal (2006 study), 65% of the Korean-Americans consider themselves Protestant, 15% Catholic, and 6% Buddhist. About 40% of the Korean-American churches are Presbyterian, 17% Baptist, and 12% Methodist. (cf. via fb, based on data from

kastats2012Pew Research Religion & Public Life Project’s Asian Americans: A Mosaic of Faiths (July 2012) published these statistics about Korean American Christians:

  • 71% Christian
  • 61% Protestant
    • 66% evangelical vs. 34% mainline/other
    • 38% Pentecostal and/or charismatic

And, 34% of Asian-American evangelical Protestants are of Korean descent.

Bonus: Dr. Ben Shin’s valuable exclusive blog series:
Pre-Marital Counseling Asian-American Style (part 1, 2, 3)


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  1. I wanted to know about USA churches counting. Thanks for providing me such a informative data.


  2. Thanks Dr. Diana for stopping by and glad you found this post informative.

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