Most Popular Posts in 2011 and ones that ought to be

Pulling some data from Google Analytics and here’s what bubbled up as most popular from 2011, from all time, and featured posts I believe to be valuable and important.

Popular posts this year

  1. Least Churched Cities in America
  2. Top Church Pages on Facebook
  3. 30 emerging leaders listed in Outreach Magazine
  4. top 15 most popular varieties of apples
  5. 5 types of personal branding websites for web presence
  6. Table a free social network for just your church
  7. Perception of Asian Americans as a brand
  8. churches dying with dignity and recycling
  9. talking is the new texting
  10. Great Bible teachers you’ve never heard of

Popular posts from past years (“long-tail effect“)

  1. churches closing and pastors leaving (2010)
  2. How to stream and record video chat interview (2009)
  3. Emotional maturity and stages of development (2009)
  4. what is emotional maturity? (2008)
  5. video chat between Mac and PC (2006)
  6. how to develop emotional maturity (2008)
  7. emotional immaturity vs. emotional maturity (2008)
  8. evening worship around Washington DC (2006)
  9. Why I like Keller more than Piper (2006)
  10. perceptive differences between Asian and European Americans (2005)

Featured Posts from 2011



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