Making Easter Great Again in the OC

Easter is a great time to reflect on the meaning of life and the new start all of us can have, regardless of our regrets, pains, failures, setbacks, heartaches, hurts, habits, or hangups.

And Easter is particularly meaningful to our little Chuang family (little because there’s only 3 of us) and one of the ways we celebrate is to do a worship tour around churches in the OC, a family tradition that dates back to Christmas 2011. For Christians, the Bible says we are all children of God in the family of God, and we take the occasions of Easter and Christmas to visit the extended family during worship times at as many churches as we can get to.

You’re welcome to come along with us or find worship times that work for your family schedule. Here’s the schedule to 20-some churches in the OC with special Easter programming for Holy Week. See the Easter OC 2016 Worship Times in a new window.

We have put our own schedule together yet—will update this blog post when we have a tentative run sheet planned out.