How to reset Prius C maintenance required light

Here’s how to turn off the error message on the Toyota Prius c dashboard that says: MAINTENANCE REQUIRED

Reset the maintenance data (U.S.A. only)

After the required maintenance is performed according to the maintenance schedule, please reset the maintenance data.

To reset the data, follow the procedures described below:

Vehicles without a smart key system

1. Switch the display to the odometer and then turn the engine switch off.

2. Turn the engine switch to the “ON” position. The multi-information display’s initial screen (blue one) will be displayed for a few seconds.

3. While the initial screen is being displayed, press the “TRIP” steering switch 3 times, pressing and holding the switch on the third time.

4. The screen should say: resetting maintenance data, and odometer will countdown from 555555 to 000000 (if there’s no countdown go back to step 1)

Continue to press and hold the button until the trip meter displays 000000


7 responses to “How to reset Prius C maintenance required light”

  1. Can’t get it to work :(-

  2. It worked for me. Thank you

  3. Steven moorman Avatar
    Steven moorman

    Worked perfect. Thanks for the easy to follow tip on resetting maintence required light.

  4. This worked perfect. Thank you. I was confused at first because I turned the key to the “ACC” position instead of the “on” position. But it worked when I went to “on.” Funny the owner’s manual doesn’t say to do it this way. It basically just says go to the odometer screen and then shut the car off (which is what one does every time they drive anyway). It did not work when I did what the owner’s manual said to do. Bogus.

  5. Tom Weaver Avatar
    Tom Weaver

    Worked great, thanks!

  6. It worked, thank alot for the help.

  7. doing this EVERY 5,000 miles is a PITA !!

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