how can people change and grow?

Change is possible. Absolutely. But not totally. And, personal change doesn’t happen alone. People can change for the better. No one is stuck. They aren’t just the way they are. I believe and I have hope.

Essentially 2 questions determine someone’s possibility of changing and becoming a better person. 1. Does the person want to grow? 2. Will the person receive help? Answering affirmatively to both are the first steps towards a new life. If there’s resistance to either, then the odds are really low. Saying yes opens a world of possibilities.

Yes, every person has a particular personality. Some more than others. Acceptance of what is and who a person is does not stop with that. A person’s personality and habits is not static and set in concrete.

To be open to change is not to say a person is not good enough. Change is to say that a person is already valuable and has more capacity for good and for life. Admitting there’s room for growth is a humble posture to say I’m not perfect and I need help. Change is not easy. We need all the help we can get. I’ll take all the help I can get.

And where does this help come from? Other people who accept you and those who can give and speak grace into your life. That’ll get you on the way. To use the language of 12 Steps and of the faith community, ultimately, the power to change comes from the higher power greater than you and I, it comes from God.


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