YouTube channel

Top Churches and Pastors on YouTube

For the curious and competitive, though we know church is not supposed to be about competition or numbers, some people do look at numbers for many different reasons. Here’s what the numbers say (at the time of this post)— Churches...

a Faster Way to Setup a Nonprofit

Would you believe there’s a way to start a nonprofit initiative and receive tax-deductible donations in less than a week? For reals! What a great nonprofit hack!

parable of bricklayers

Origin Story: Parable of the Three Bricklayers

While many versions of this story circulate over the internet and is retold in various talks and books, its original source has been traced back to a book by Bruce Barton, “What Can A Man Believe,” published in 1927. Here...

background check on a church’s reputation

I think it’s fair to say that good Christian ministries have their critics, and a few even run into legal action in the mix, which I’ll leave nameless. I wouldn’t want to get a “cease and desist” on my blog,...