This is an older archive of talks and/or sermons by DJ Chuang. These days I’m giving more presentations than sermons. For current list of talks & presentations, see my CV page.

The Father You’ve Always Wanted (6/28/09, Vietnamese Alliance Church, Midway City, CA)

Ministering to next generation Asian Americans (6/3/09, English pastors luncheon hosted by FACE)

Reaching 2nd generation Vietnamese Americans (2/20/08, Vietnamese C&MA pastors conference)

How churches are reaching Asian Americans (1/12/08, ISSAC Bay area Chinese Churches Consultation)

Connecting with Culture (1/10/08, Render Conference)

Revitalizing Asian American Churches (9/07, a gathering hosted by Asian American Leadership Conference via MESA)

Why does it hurt so much? (John 11:17-36) – sermon on Virginia Tech tragedy

how to do ministry without losing heart (manuscript only)

Just Walk Across the Room: Grander Vision Living

Doing Work You Love (workshop notes)

having the time of your life (Psalm 90:10-12)

2005 Summer Retreat (with ACC Lighthouse)

  • Extreme Makeover: Renovation of the Heart

  • The Rebuild: Habits of grace

  • The Reveal: The life you were meant to live

  • Fully Alive: Telling Stories

  • Following Jesus = Becoming a Leader (TYF 09/25/04)

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