How to Explain to Kids about Coronavirus Crisis

Pastor Wilson Wang and wife Nina (Renew Church OC) are young parents and authors who wrote this very clear and valuable book titled, “Called to be Healers with Jesus“. The book is helping kids and parents understand how God is partnering with us to be healing the world in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. For real!

Plus, they’re making the digital copy of the Book + Worksheet as a free download! Thank you Wilson and Nina!!

Or, buy the hardcover book, well worth it. Watch this 2-minute video to hear the heart behind the book.

The children’s picture book, Called to Be: Healers with Jesus, is about helping children find their occupational calling in medicine through mirroring Jesus’ ministry on earth and God’s redemptive story in healing humanity. Our desire is that children will see their potential futures in the healing profession as a way of imitating Jesus and being a part of God’s redemptive plan.

The story is told in the perspective of God speaking to young readers and encouraging them to join in his ministry of healing. The reader journeys with God in various points in history from Eden to the present day, where modern day occupations reflect Jesus’ miracles in the gospels to God’s promise with his people.

Show Your Love for Team Bear Hugs

Support them on Kickstarter to launch their second book “Called to seek justice with Jesus.”

Team Bear Hugs is a non-profit that donates a book for every book puchased on Kickstarter to Kids in the foster system, with profits going to Royal Families Kids Camp. They provide Christian summer camps for kids and youth in foster care.