The best work I can do and love 6

Experimenting. Exploring. Ideating (brainstorming). Strategizing. These are the things I love doing and am great at doing. If you (or someone you know) would like my services in any of these areas, please do contact me so we can discuss how I could be of valuable help. Now, the back […]

Announcement: Consultant for Hire 18

2010 is a brand new season for my work life. I am now working as a freelance consultant, aka independent contractor. In addition to being available for short-term projects, I’ve just started working with Worship Leader Magazine and its media group [cf. press release]; I will continue to work with […]

Doing Work You Love: workshop notes

My workshop this past weekend was provocatively titled “Doing Work You Love: Godly Wisdom for Career Choices.” Knowing what I know of people who live in the New York metro area, or anywhere for that matter, career and work would be a hot topic for young adults attending a weekend […]

my random life #2: improbable workaholic

[a lost entry reconstructed] Reading Lee’s musing about what he learned on vacation triggered a revelation for me. I might be a workaholic! It’s not a hard confession, but it’s just not how I think of myself (self-perception being as influential as it is). What shook me up about Lee’s […]