How to see Twitter client used to tweet?

Twitter used to display the twitter client used in a tweet’s footer, but they stopped displaying that at for an unannounced reason. They can do that, because things do change from time to time. Some have speculated the reason being that “apps are the enemy,” or “make it feel […]

Hey brands, don’t delete your Twitter account when rebranding! 3

Even though your company or organization can very quickly change its Twitter username (aka handle or ID), that doesn’t mean you should change it on your next branding campaign without some forethought. (I’ve personally encountered old dangling usernames more than a dozen times! #gasp) Yes, of course, when you change your Twitter […]

Being First on Twitter in the OC 1

Thanks to ksablan (Kevin Sablan) for noticing my earliest adoption of Twitter. (Granted, back in July 2006 when I signed up for Twitter, I was a resident in the metro DC area and not in the OC, I have lived in the OC since July 2007.) See the top 100 […]