Jan 142012

2 social networks dominate the new media landscape at this point in history — Facebook and Twitter. At the time of this writing, Facebook has 800+ million active users and Twitter has 100+ million active users.

Many of you, like me, use both Twitter and Facebook. But given the disparity in numbers, many more are on only Facebook and not Twitter. Thus, my rationale for sharing my Twitter tweets (which I use more) to my Facebook status updates, so that both my Twitter followers and Facebook friends can see my latest finds — a large %age of my updates are links to goodies I find. (I do have my Twitter Facebook app configured so that my twitter @replies do not get posted to Facebook.)

I didn’t want to be insensitive to my friends on Facebook; I’ve recently asked them if I should continue feeding my Facebook status updates with my latest tweets, or keep the two separated. The results ended in a close heat, by a margin of 9 votes, more of my friends wanted to keep my tweets connected!

The wisdom of the crowd is split on whether you should or shouldn’t have social networks connected with mirrored content. My counsel: be considerate of your Facebook friends, yours may be more Twitter-averse.

Here are comments that came in during polling season, for your reference, to assist you in making an informed decision about how you might use your Twitter and Facebook accounts:

KL: “It annoys me when people post to both twitter and FB because I have to see the same thing twice. Then again, I don’t follow many people on both twitter and FB so in practice this isn’t really a problem.”

TL: i think ideally you want to separate fb and twitter because they are different mediums with different purposes and circles (no google+ pun intended). so tweet certain things and fb post other different things. but who does that really?

i think the reality is that most people are heavier users of either one or the other. so it’s probably the minority that would see your posts duplicated on twitter and fb (and previously buzz)

KH: i think connecting different social media platforms is a great invention! =)

SM: i don’t know about ‘overwhelmed’, but i tend to prefer separate streams…

RM: Only because every one else says this.

WS: And I like to read them here too!!

LL: selective tweets is a good option so it doesn’t flood your fb

VS: it is a question I’ve wrestled with myself. At the moment the “time” issue is the determinant…I don’t have to do independent posts. When that changes, I will probably split the information.

MM: I also use the Selective Tweets. I appreciate the option of determining which tweets come to Facebook.

SK: I’m probably not a good one to ask, because I port all my tweets over to Facebook. Using Selective Tweets is too mentally taxing. I don’t have time to parse whether a tweet is “appropriate” for Facebook or not. I just know that everything I post on Twitter shows up here on FB, and that’s fine. Two different audiences (for the most part). Different conversations take place around the same content. It’s all good. That’d be my vote, keep on keepin’ on.

SS: I’d say go with your instinct, your gut feel. I like the way you think and reason!

SO: I would vote for Disconnect if it wasn’t for the parenthetical addendum. Its for strategic reasons I advocate separating them, not because I am “easily overwhelmed”

LS: Pile it on! I love reading your stuff. :)

DI: I say disconnect them! Why follow on facebook & twitter if both have same content?

CM: I use selective tweets. I think that works best also!

JR: I follow you on twitter. plus you can use selective tweets. :)

BW: I see all your Tweets on Twitter, so I wouldn’t need to see them here too. But, if it’s easier for you, I don’t mind them in both!

BR: Use select tweets so updates appropriate for FB can still be brought over. [re: what is appropriate?] Things that you think your friends might comment on as well as just less than twitter. Things w/o hashtags too.

What counsel would you add about whether or not to connect Twitter to Facebook?

Now, It’s also possible to connect things the other way, so your Facebook status updates get automatically posted over to Twitter. When do you think it’s better to connect it the other direction?

Oct 302011

Thanks to ksablan (Kevin Sablan) for noticing my earliest adoption of Twitter. (Granted, back in July 2006 when I signed up for Twitter, I was a resident in the metro DC area and not in the OC, I have lived in the OC since July 2007.) See the top 100 list of who “joined twitter first in Orange County“.

In over 5 years of twittering, here’s some things I’ve noticed and/or learned:

  • When a new technology is launched into the public, there’s no guarantee that it’ll flourish into mainstream adoption nor that it will keep growing its popularity and audience base (i.e. SixDegrees, Friendster, MySpace).
  • Social media is about the people, not the technology, nor the “superiority” thereof. When I first used Twitter, there wasn’t much going on there because there weren’t people there. The wisdom of the crowd had not yet figured out valuable ways to use real-time updates. Journalists were among the earlier to use it, along with some ham-radio-like amateur hobbyists. Hashtags were a later invention/ innovation.
  • Twitter is much more valuable because it is an open platform in the public, rather than being behind a virtual wall a la Facebook. I know there are millions more people on Facebook where people are connecting with friends and being fans of brands/people they like. Twitter lets me get near-real-time news, jump in (and out of) conversations, and connect with total strangers and meet new people in ways that Facebook doesn’t.
  • The life span of a tweet is shrinking as it’s become more mainstream. Used to be able to search tweets back to 3 weeks, now the twitter search engine goes back maybe 3 days. The technical requirements needed to run twitter is undoubtedly costly, and all the more so with more usage.
  • I love new things and exploring what could be next. This isn’t a “first mover advantage” for me, since I am not doing this to look for opportunities to monetize or to grow a business, though it has indirectly been an asset in my paid work. (Do you have a suggestion for how to get paid to for exploring? I’d love to hear it!)
Aug 252011

Being a conference junkie and having gone a few rounds with ‘em, my top-of-mind advice is to go to a conference with a team & don’t go to a conference alone. There’s so much more value to attending the conference together so you get that team-building value, time to be off-site, time to gain perspective away from the normal context, time to learn together, time to take ideas back home together, and hit the ground running.

Too often, people go to a conference alone, get all jazzed about an idea, but have the hardest time getting the idea across to the others since the people back home didn’t hear and experience the conference. Talk about hitting the brick wall. Yeah, there’s some value for getting inspired and/or recharged. There’s so much more value when you can take ideas home to implement and turn it into reality!

That’s why I love the way Sticky Teams 2.0 is encouraging teams to come. Registration fee is $269 (early bird rate ends 9/2) and the registered person gets to bring 2 others for free! And the conference organizers, who I got to meet earlier this week, are anticipating the event to sell out soon. Only 130 seats left at the time of this writing. (Aside: I like seeing that real-time seating countdown.)

And, I’ll be there myself. I’m doing a breakout session on social media –

DJ Chuang | How to Go from Potential to Mastery in Social Media
There’s more to social media than putting a Twitter and Facebook icon on all your communications. But it doesn’t have to overwhelm you or take up all of your time. Learn how to increase your social media proficiency, become the master of your online reputation, and expand your ministry impact worldwide.

Would love to connect with you there! And in addition to my session, you might also want to hear Mark Driscoll and Larry Osborne :)

Feb 012011

2 interactive art installations / exhibits are in place for the opening of the Matter & Spirit: Art & Belief in the Digital Age art show. The show opens tonight, February 1st, at Biola Library 7:00pm. 1 is a digital prayer wall – MyBrokenPalace.com. The other is a twitter-powered art piece.

The big digital art installation is a moderated twitter display called #matterspirit. The visual image below will be projected onto a wall and on display during the opening reception. (If we could acquire the use of a projector for the entire duration of the show, which runs thru mid-June, the twitter tweets would be projected for 4 months instead of 1 evening.)
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Oct 122010

After getting a basic understanding of what social media is, the next stage is to learn to use social media by following along with a tutorial.

There are many online tutorials that gives simple step-by-step instructions on how to register & sign up, how to setup your profile, and then how to start finding and connecting with people. Essentially, social networks are all about connecting with people.

There are basically two kinds: video tutorials and text-based tutorial articles. Here are tutorials for the 2 most popular social networks:


Facebook 101 – tutorials by GCF Learn Free

Quick Start Guide: Six Steps to a Facebook Page For Your Business (@ zebworks.com)

How to Use Facebook: Video Series (@ ehow.com + Expert Village)

Quick Easy Tutorial on Creating a Facebook Personal Profile


How to setup a twitter account (@ twitip.com)
Mastering twitter in 10 minutes or less (@ twitteroid.com)
Twitter quick start checklist (@ shaynepacker.com)

Howcast.com’s tutorial: how to use twitter

Twitter tutorial – getting started

cf. Top 7 Twitter tutorials on YouTube + 30 Essential Twitter Tutorials for Newbies and Experts

This will get you started! As you get some practice navigating around each of these web apps, you will soon be ready to develop your strategy. That’ll be next.

The next 2 stages of this blog series will be: strategies, and news & trends.

May 152010

I have 2 twitter feeds: @djchuang and @djchuang247. When I first forked my original @djchuang feed in July 2009, it was to keep my personal asides and live tweets at events from overflowing the home feed of 5,000+ followers. Didn’t think they wanted to know what I ate like @sherrysurratt does.

I’ve found my use of twitter to evolve over time, and here’s 2 tweaks I’ve made recently:

1. I follow more people and removed my 10% ratio cap. I used to follow no more than 10% of my number of followers, thinking I’d catch tweets of interest on my home feed. That’s not possible with 500 follows, much less 200, really.

The difference to follow or not to follow is whether someone can DM me or not. When I want a better chance of catching tweets from people I want to keep tabs on, I’ll use a twitter list. When I want to listen in to a convo, I’ll do a saved search on a hashtag and/or keyword.

2. I’m using my main twitter @djchuang for more replies and convo’s. I used to keep my tweets limited to retweets, making announcements, and sharing links + resources + quotes. These would be more obviously valuable to 1,000s. Yet, to only do the above makes it too much of a one-way broadcast rather than a two-way conversation.
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Feb 022010

2,000+ church leaders will converge in Austin this week at the sold-out VERGE missional church conference. Neil Cole describes Verge as “first of its kind in the missional church field.”

I’ll be there with the Verge Social Media Team, providing live coverage via various social media channels, and the team members’ websites + blogs + networks will host on-going conversations in a distributed fashion after the event.

The Verge team blog will link to all the latest — including announcement of the live video feed of main sessions. Live twitter tweets on twubs (below) + use official hashtag #verge10 + follow @djchuang247 for my live tweets.
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Jan 012010

During my time in St. Louis this week, Twitter connected me with 2 online friends: Kyle Reed and Andrew Kim. [aside: and a handful of others too, including a ride to church on Sunday]

The lil’ Flipcam caught a few sound bites of our (on-going) conversation about mentoring — watch video:

So, what is mentoring anyways? And what about coaching? discipleship? spiritual direction? friendship? apprenticing? training?
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Dec 272009

Urbana09 This week I’m in St. Louis for a large students mission convention called Urbana 09, click on this twubs to follow twitter conversations in real-time.

I’ll be hangin’ out at the Pan Asian North American Student Lounge, located at The Holiday Inn Select St Louis Downtown in between sessions.

Follow @urbana09 for official announcements. Follow me @djchuang247 for live tweets. The official hashtag to use is #urbana09 according to the twubs.

[update] here are 4 videos I’ve posted via YouTube from #urbana09:
@BensonHines at Urbana 09 excerpt of James Choung seminar comment from @andrewsunkim peek in on Urbana 09 worship