U Michigan stadium drive by 2

1st leg of my tri-city trip in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My first time here ever. Hangin’ out with Seth Kim, who pastors Harvest Mission Community Church, which is now a multi-site church in 4 locations: Ann Arbor, Evanston, Austin, and Chicago. You could call this pastoral visitation. Ate some award-winning […]

twitter made her shiver

Chatting with colleague, let’s call her Betsy, about last night, when I was looking for a place to hang out in Dallas after a full day of live-blogging a private meeting. So I told her (with 4 others listening in) I twittered after dinner that I was driving around looking […]

South Korean visa 38

Question: How do we acquire a missionary visa in South Korea? ePastor >> I’m not sure whether you’re asking about getting a visa from South Korea to go to another country, or if you’re asking to get a visa to go into South Korea? Each country has its own rules […]