Sep 192009

Here at Chicago O’Hare Airport with a couple hours before my flight back home to SNA. Was at Connext, a South Asian Christian leaders conference. Great connections. Energetic passion. Listen to my thoughts here. Lots for us to learn together as 2nd generation bicultural people; you might even call it 3rd culture.

On this trip, I did not take my laptop. Just a shoulder bag for the 2-nights stay. My only connection to the outside world was an iPhone 3g. That’s what I’m typing on now. A couple of learnings, even if i still travel laptopless:

- get an extra external backup battery; the iPhone drains pretty fast at a 12-hr day conference; we go from 9am-9pm each day
- bring a video camera, be it a ipod nano or flipcam
- use a roller bag instead of shoulder bag; no point going without laptop shoulder bag if i’m still shouldering the load

More in the audio: listen here. Easier to talk than type on iphone.

Jul 242009

Thrilled to be in Dallas this week for the Ideation Experience hosted by Leadership Network. I didn’t spend much time at the laptop keyboard and made most of my time with f2f conversations. For great notes on the process of ideation and innovation, see

And, while it is possible to type on this smartphone, blogging thoughtfully does go so much better, and faster, on a full size keyboard.

To glance back at my week, look at my instablog and my 24/7 twitter feed


Jul 082009

There’s a brand new book coming this Fall — A Multi-Site Church Road Trip: Exploring the New Normal, by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon, and Warren Bird. This title is a great follow-up to The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being One Church in Many Locations with at least 95% fresh content by the same 3 authors — watch this video to hear it straight from these 3 amigos.

I’ve overheard that the book launch will coincide with the Multi-Site 2.0 conference in St. Louis this September! All of this is so very exciting, not just because I’m currently the Leadership Community Director for Multi-Site Churches at Leadership Network.
my map  What’s even more exciting for me is I’m preparing for my own version of a multi-site church road trip! I’ll be leaving this Friday 7/10 from Orange County and driving north to the San Francisco Bay area. My pre-scheduled visits are at these 2 multi-site churches: Sunday morning at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and Sunday evening at The Well in Fresno. 2 other multi-site churches on my radar are: Great Exchange and Bay Area Chinese Bible Church. Know of any others along the way?
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Oct 292008

Okay, a week off on an unplugged excursion leaves me jet-lagged and ramping up fast towards 3 packed weeks staring me down, which includes more travels, too. I was able to clear out my inbox quick enough, but those 2 early morning phone calls were challenging (8:00am yesterday, 7:00am today) right after returning home 11pm the night before. Unlike Eric, I cannot skip time zones and hit the ground running full speed ahead. Heard from one of my sources that Eric went from Spain to an overnighter in Colorado and onto Malaysia. Whew.
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Sep 112008

1st leg of my tri-city trip in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My first time here ever. Hangin’ out with Seth Kim, who pastors Harvest Mission Community Church, which is now a multi-site church in 4 locations: Ann Arbor, Evanston, Austin, and Chicago. You could call this pastoral visitation. Ate some award-winning mac ‘n cheese at dinner, and heard a handful of great transformational life stories here over dessert. Joyous!

We drove by the largest football stadium in the United States at University of Michigan. I just fact-checked, and currently, Michigan Stadium is technically the 2nd largest stadium due to renovations (capacity = 106,201, down from 107,501), and the largest is Beaver Stadium at Penn State University (capacity = 107,282). Seth was proudly saying that was the largest stadium, and I don’t have the heart to correct him. Hope he’ll overlook this blog entry — don’t want anyone losing face. [update: Seth blogged kind words about my visit @ DJ in Town - he doesn't allow comments, so you can react in my comment thread here]

FTW, here’s a list of the 15 largest football stadiums in the United States.

Aside: no picture of food. But here’s a picture of my rental car. Bed time. Good night.

Aug 112008

Unbelievable. My 7:00am JetBlue flight got cancelled. I had gotten up at 4:00am to catch an airport shuttle to LGB and didn’t find out about cancellation until I was en route. I scrambled (ie. Getting online on my laptop via blackberry curve tethering, and finding a flight same day out of LAX b/c customer service didn’t open until 500am) to find another flight on my own so I could get to Seattle today.

Due to Crew Legalities, your flight #294 on 11-Aug-08 for travel from Long Beach, CA (LGB) has been cancelled. We apologize for the disruption in your travel plans.

You may rebook your itinerary without a fee by visiting this Change/Cancel section of our website. (You may also call 800-JETBLUE.) If you do not want to rebook, you may instead receive a full refund* or travel credit on JetBlue which is good for one year.

Turns out I’m not the only blogger with a cancelled flight. Cf. CNET News’ If JetBlue’s reading this, guys, it’s time to grok the blogosphere:
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twitter made her shiver

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Aug 062008

Chatting with colleague, let’s call her Betsy, about last night, when I was looking for a place to hang out in Dallas after a full day of live-blogging a private meeting.

So I told her (with 4 others listening in) I twittered after dinner that I was driving around looking for a place to hang, stopped at b+n near SMU. Had 2 twitter replies to meetup, and so we did. Drove up to sbux on forest lane which closed too early at 9pm, and I’m standing outside w @ksc, reminescing about old days of bbs’es, sysop’ing, 1200 baud modems, $3,000 pc’s. Then @gregatkinson stopped over, and we go south to hang out Cafe Brazil, a 24 hour place.

Betsy couldn’t believe that I’d txt the world, that people I don’t know would ‘follow’ me, that people replied to my tweet, how did they know me to follow me, and that I’d even go to meetup with them! (Or, they with me) exasperated, she was.

She thought it was kinda shady (and other unpublishable synonymns). Betsy won’t be twittering anytime soon.

Still got to bed by midnight. Good hang out time. @ksc recommended StaffTool – web-based church member database, user interface that’s custom for iPhone too

Typing this on my bberry curve, so no links and lots o lowercase.

Quite an adventure btwn returing rental car and getting to terminal A. (Back story omitted here) Lots of mercy. Ran to gate and made it on plane just 13 minutes before scheduled departure (705p).

BUT, now that we’re all boarded, they’re finding problem after problem; elec power went out for 2 mins, now back up and running; 1 of 6 gps nav down, we’re gonna fly with 5 but needs paperwork sign-off; hydraulic fluid low, they’re refilling. Pilot just announced they need to replace fire extinguisher. Sigh.

We’ll get an update later. Waiting, waiting, waiting. I just hope they beat curfew at Orange County SNA John Wayne Airport.

Dec 072001

Question: How do we acquire a missionary visa in South Korea?

ePastor >> I’m not sure whether you’re asking about getting a visa from South Korea to go to another country, or if you’re asking to get a visa to go into South Korea? Each country has its own rules and process for applying for a visa. A Christian company that provides related service is on the web at They would be able to help you with specific details as well as travel arrangements.

[update Aug '08] According to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Korean in the USA,

As of April 1, 1998, there is a $45 visa-processing fee for U.S. Citizens except for type-A visa applicants. Citizens of Japan, Thailand, the Republic of China, the Philippines (for stay in Korea under 59 days), the United Kingdom (for stay in Korea under 6 months), Sweden, Spain, and Italy do not need to pay a visa-processing fee.

Citizens of all other countries must pay a $30 visa-processing fee for a single entry visa.

If you plan to stay in Korea for more than 90 days, you must obtain a proper long-term visa.

Go to the South Korean Consulate Service for more visa instructions and details >>