$20 for your thoughts, Asian American Pastors

Asian American Pastor and Church Survey! (Around 30 minutes, $20 Amazon gift card) If you are a lead/senior/solo Asian American pastor of a predominately Asian American congregation (i.e. EM, pan-Asian, multiethnic), fill out this online survey (around 30 minutes) and receive a $20 Amazon gift card. Please share this with […]

Asian American Pastors on Megachurch Staff 19

, ,,,,,As growing numbers of megachurches (weekend attendance over 2,000) in America have adapted and developed into multi-site churches (being one church in multiple locations), perhaps one of the next nascent developments is an intentional multi-ethnic diversity on their pastoral staff. In recent years, I’m starting to notice (and getting occasional […]

Where are the Good Preachers in the Chinese American Church? 3

I’m feeling sad about the state of the Chinese American Church. I posted this on my Facebook timeline with visibility to my friends, where people have a perception that it’s comfortable to add a comment there. (I tend to see more comments on my Facebook posts than my blog posts) Chinese Americans […]

What Peter Drucker said about pastors and churches 3

Peter Drucker has a living legacy as the father of modern management for his keen insights and observations about people and organizations that have revolutionized the for-profit and the non-profit sectors. Many multitudes of organizations have accomplished more results and become more effective by applying Drucker’s principles. One commentary about […]