Nov 022010

Using a stylus instead of your finger on an iPad and/or iPhone takes its usefulness up a whole ‘nother level! Bam! I rave about a style every time I see someone just using their naked finger on an iPad. Currently, I’m using the Pogo Sketch stylus, which has had great reviews. It might be the only one that comes in orange.

What’s the best stylus? Hard to say, but popularity is one indicator, though much of it comes down to personal preference. Some newer styluses may well unseat the Pogo’s top ranking. I personally would stay away from generic ones.

This list of styluses (for iPad, iPhone, and any other capacitive touch-screen tablet PCs by the likes of Blackberry, Dell, Samsung) are the ones I’ve found so far ::

Do you use a stylus? What are you using? Are there other good styluses out ther? Please add a comment with other ones you know of so this list can stay updated. Thanks in advance!

Sep 192009

Here at Chicago O’Hare Airport with a couple hours before my flight back home to SNA. Was at Connext, a South Asian Christian leaders conference. Great connections. Energetic passion. Listen to my thoughts here. Lots for us to learn together as 2nd generation bicultural people; you might even call it 3rd culture.

On this trip, I did not take my laptop. Just a shoulder bag for the 2-nights stay. My only connection to the outside world was an iPhone 3g. That’s what I’m typing on now. A couple of learnings, even if i still travel laptopless:

- get an extra external backup battery; the iPhone drains pretty fast at a 12-hr day conference; we go from 9am-9pm each day
- bring a video camera, be it a ipod nano or flipcam
- use a roller bag instead of shoulder bag; no point going without laptop shoulder bag if i’m still shouldering the load

More in the audio: listen here. Easier to talk than type on iphone.

Dec 112008

While interaction is what makes the web more webby, I’d like to think there are more ways to use the web/ internet.

What I’m thinking of is inbound web content. That is, one-directional internet; you could even call it mobile broadcast.

For years, the President of the United States can freely turn on cable tv to watch CNN or Fox News, so why couldn’t the POTUS pull out a modified blackberry device or gphone or iPhone and get mobile web content?

Having worked at a telecomm company in the past, I’ve heard colleagues say that the said company provided customized telephony to the White House. So, it’s already been a business and government precedence set for custom services to be developed. And, there are cell phones now that get their built-in cameras turned off, right?

It’s reported that Obama will be the first president with a computer on his presidential desk [mobile ver] in that Oval Office. That computer is most likely going to be a MAC. Will Obama using a Mac accelerate its adoption into mainstream? This month was the first time that Windows dropped below 90% market share. [aside: this blog post was composed on 2 Apple products, iPhone and MacBook Pro]

I think he oughta have a unidirectional mobile smartphone to receive near instant inbound web stuff. That’ll keep the questions about the Presidential Records Act moot, and we can keep technological progress progressing. I’m with Bill Brenner, that Obama’s BlackBerry is no security threat: Taking it away could isolate him from the real world.

NOTE: I confess that I haven’t kept up with the news on developments with this issue, so I don’t know if it’s already been resolved. Someone can quickly fact-check and inform me in the comment section.

Yeah, there are possibly many more ramifications and implications that I haven’t considered. Want to voice how frustrating it is for me to see how the laws of the land isn’t able to keep up with the ever-changing ever-developing digital technologies. We’re in an increasingly paperless society.

Aug 272008

I broke the trackball retaining ring on my Blackberry Curve (8300) right before my flight SNA-DFW on Sunday. Serves me right for tinkering with cleaning the trackball without knowing its fragility and never reading instructions manuals or user’s guide. I got sand into that trackball on the day before. The Curve is next to impossible to use without the trackball. Curve Also very hard to use sealed inside of a zip-lock bag. The past 2 days, I used the Curve with the trackball precociously set without a retainer, fearing it’d get lost in the crevices of my pocket. It was gonna be $54.13 for the trackball to be professionally replaced in 30 minutes or less. Thought it better to use that $ towards the iPhone.

Long story short, I got an iPhone 3g yesterday afternoon! Of course it is beautiful, and the switch took less than 5 minutes, after 15+ minutes waiting for a customer service rep at the closest AT&T store, I could find near the meeting space where I was part of facilitating team for Missional Renaissance discussions.

Got a whole slew of twitter congrats as it happened real-time. There was evening, and there was day. While impressive, I’ve already got gobs of questions about iPhone functionality, along the lines of “can it do this” or “how about that” or “that’s so annoying”. Could I type faster on the iPhone via a bluetooth keyboard? I don’t think the built-in virtual keyboard is a disaster, but the auto-word replacement is annoying. Wish to turn that off, like you can turn off the auto-capitalization. Why won’t iTunes sync it with my Outlook address book? ad nauseum et al et tu brute

Unlike other fanatics of that Apple variety, I pledge before you my loyal blog readers, that will not be gloating about all the features and shortcomings of the iPhone. There will not be a blog iPhone category here. Besides, I’m more of an orange guy myself.

Now, onto the quest for an orange cover / case. [update 8/28] got an orange cover (incase protective cover) at Apple store South Coast Plaza

iPhone 3G in an INCASE protective cover

[Longer version of the "switch" may be posted here, as time avails.]